Hello, and thanks for choosing Truefluence as your ad partner! Below are instructions for setting this partnership up, which gives permission for Truefluence to create ads that use assets from a Facebook page. Additionally, associating your Instagram account will allow ads to be created for Instagram.

Facebook Page Partner Setup

1) Sign in or create account in Facebook Business Manager https://business.facebook.com

2) Click Business Settings in the top right corner:

Business settings.png

3) Click to Pages on the left menu:

Ad partner Tutorial image 2.png

4) Click Add Page to add your existing page or Create Page to make a new one:

Ad partner Tutorial image 3.png

Ensure the page has image assets set

5) Click Assign Partner on the right hand side:

Ad partner Tutorial image 4.png

6) At the bottom of the popup click Connect your Page using your partner's business ID instead.

Ad partner Tutorial image 5.png

7) Enter the Truefluence Business ID: 1148204551976683

8) Click Connect

Instagram Ad Partner Setup

1) From the Facebook Business Settings click on Instagram Accounts or go to: https://business.facebook.com/settings/instagram-accounts

Ad partner Tutorial image 6.png

2) Click +Add to attach your Instagram account if not already attached:

Ad partner Tutorial image 7.png

3) Add your IG username and Password:

Ad partner Tutorial image 8.png

4) For that Instagram account click Assign Partner:

Ad partner Tutorial image 9.png

5) Enter the Truefluence Business ID: 1148204551976683

Ad partner Tutorial image 10.png

Truefluence is now an advertising partner!

Facebook Conversion Pixels for Optimization (optional)

This helps your Truefluence campaign optimize for conversions, a great way to further dial in performance!

1) From Facebook Business Setting click Pixels or go to: https://business.facebook.com/settings/pixels

2) Add a pixel if needed

Ad partner Tutorial image 11.png

3) Use a specific name such as your brand name or website name

4) Add the pixel to your website

You are responsible for ensuring the website fires the correct pixel at the correct time

5) Decide which event will be considered a conversion. “Purchase” or “Lead” are recommended. ViewContent with a specific url is also possible

Pixel information is at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/ads-for-websites/pixel-events/v2.12

6) Click Assign Partner for the pixel

Ad partner Tutorial image 12.png

7) Enter the Truefluence Business ID: 1148204551976683

Ad partner Tutorial image 13.png

8) Let alex@truefluence.io know what conversion pixel you have chosen

Congrats! Your conversion pixel is now live!