Introducing Truefluence Campaigns

Hey there, friend! Welcome to Truefluence, where you form the best partnerships on earth - partnerships that perform!

If you want to use partners as a way to spread the word about your brand or product, but are unsure how to run an ROI-positive campaign, you've come to the right place! Truefluence Campaigns are a brand new way to form partnerships that get your consumers taking action!

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Automatic Partner Sourcing

Do you like sending hundreds of messages a day? Neither do we. We use AI to automatically invite the best possible partners to your campaign. Save ridiculous time.

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Optimized Post Management

Does the above look complicated? That’s because it is, and a human can’t do it. We automatically schedule your partners to post at optimal times, compounding follower action.

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Do you like paying for things you don’t get? Rhetorical question. No one does. So, we built the first pay per performance engine. Don’t pay per post, pay for consumer action.