Q. Is connecting my Instagram account safe?

A. Yes. This is absolutely safe. Connecting your account gives Truefluence READ-ONLY access to your profile, posts and followers. This is the same information that is already publicly viewable by your followers.

Q. Do you ask for, use or store my Instagram password?

A. No. You should never give your Instagram password to anyone besides Instagram. When you connect your Instagram account you sign in to Instagram and tell Instagram to give Truefluence READ-ONLY access.

Q. Do you post on my behalf or modify my followers?

A. No. Once connected Truefluence has READ-ONLY access to only the information which is already public. This includes the ability to see your posts and your followers.

Q. Why do you need an Instagram connection if the information is already public?

A. Truefluence is an approved partner with access to Instagram's Application Programming Interface (API). This is a streamlined method of obtaining data. Instagram and Truefluence both prefer to exchange data in this way as opposed to sifting through web pages.

Q. Do you sell my data to third parties?

A. We do not sell data nor transmit it outside of the Truefluence network.

Q. Are there post requirements?

A. Yes. please visit our post requirements page to review.