Truefluence reviews are a powerful way for you to help your followers learn about the best products on earth. Your followers want your reviews to be authentic and helpful. Here are some tips on how to provide followers what they want, grow trust, and maximize your rewards.   


Instagram is the best place to share your review. Truefluence has partnered with Instagram to make your followers' journey from awareness to purchase incredibly easy. 

  1. Share a Post of your review.
    • Early in your caption, tell your followers to click your bio url to learn more.
    • Tag and mention only the brand you're reviewing. Tagging other brands is confusing.
  2. Use for your Instagram URL.
    • Postinfo is a tool that manages your bio url and gets more people clicking out of Instagram to your pages! (You should be using this already!)
    • Truefluence is integrated with Postinfo, so your review will automatically show on your Postinfo page. Once you've update your url to your Postinfo url, all you need to is create an Instagram post and tag your partner and presto!, your review will display on your postinfo page and any coupons for your followers will be automatically attached to your review as well!
    • Share Instagram Stories reviewing the product.
      • Share multiple stories.
      • Change your swipe url to your url.
      • Save your best story review as a highlight on your profile.
    • Be authentic and genuine.
      • Tell your followers you are giving an authentic and honest review of the product.
      • Provide an authentic and honest review.
      • If you want to be indirect, be aware of the FTC's Endorsement Guideline.

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and your personal blog

    Sharing your experience in other formats is highly encouraged and a great way to help your followers learn more about the product you have reviewed. 

    1. Link to your page to help your followers learn more about the product you have reviewed.