Hi and welcome to your Truefluence campaign!

This is a quick tutorial to help you navigate your MANAGE tab, your homebase for managing your partners.

After creating a campaign, the Truefluence technology will start scouring Instagram for the best possible partners and automatically invite them to apply to your campaign. Applicants to your campaign will show up on your MANAGE tab and from there, are easily managed throughout your campaign!

Here is a quick overview of your MANAGE tab:

Manage Tab Overview.png

Clicking on any applicant will give you additional details about them:

Manage Tab Assessor.png

Pro tips to use the ‘Assessor’ Popup:

  • Use the left and right arrows to move between applicants

  • Use the up and down arrow to scroll through posts

  • Hold Shift to see all captions

  • Any posts highlighted in orange mention your brand


Accepting Applicants

To add an applicant to your campaign, simply select the checkbox next to their name and then click the ACCEPT button. You can select multiple partners at a time and see a summary of your selection(s) at the bottom of the screen.

Manage Tab Overview - Accepting Applicant.png

Rejecting Applicants

To reject applicants, click the checkbox next to their name and then click the grey arrow to the right of the ACCEPT button. The option to REJECT will appear.

Manage Tab Overview - Rejecting Applicant.png

Applicant Bids

Applicants are able to make ‘bids’ to partner with you. These influencers feel that they deserve compensation for reviewing your product and sharing their experience with their followers. Their ‘bid’ is their compensation. Truefluence requires applicants make a bid that is performance based, so bids are ‘per engagement’ or 'per click' vs the traditional ‘per post’ model. This ensures you only pay for only what you get. You will see a CPE (Cost Per Engagement) or CPC (Cost Per Click), under the BID column:

Manage Tab Overview - Applicant Counter.png

You are able to make a counter offer if you’d like:

Manage Tab Overview - Counter Offer.png

Partners can either accept your offer or make another bid.


Once Accepted

Once you have accepted partners to your campaign your COLLABORATIONS sub tab will show you a list of all of your new partners! Congrats - you’ve got partners!!

If you’re having Partners review a digital product, the instructions you added when creating your campaign are all your partners need to review your product. All you need to do now is add a Click Through URL for each partner and they are good to share!

If you’re having Partners review a physical product, here are the next steps:

  1. Review your partner’s shipping address and product selection (if allowing them to pick what they review) by clicking VIEW.

  2. Ship their product.

  3. Check the 'SHIPPED?' checkbox and add a tracking number if available.

  4. Add a Click Through URL to each partner. The Click Through URL is where you want your partners to direct their followers. Click through URLs can be generic, e.g. yourwebsite.com, or specific, e.g. a Google Tracking UTM.

Manage Tab Overview - Collaborations Management.png

Pro tip for shipping product:

  • Bulk download all of your partners using the upload/download icon in the top right corner of the page. This will give you a spreadsheet of all partners and their relevant information (e.g. shipping address and product selection) and make it easier for you to move fast. Looks like this:
Manage Tab Overview - Bulk download.png

Once shipped, the rest takes care of itself!

Truefluence will take over from here, making sure your partners review your product and share about their experience! Their posts will all be displayed in your POSTS tab and all analytics will be shown in your ANALYTICS tab.

Please email support@trueflunence.io with any questions!